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What do we do?

Since 2008, the Israeli-American Council has mobilized tens of thousands of Israeli and Jewish Americans in support of the state of Israel through civil engagement and advocacy efforts. By uniting with Act-IL and the Jewish Foundation of Los Angeles, the LA Media Room engages in online activism for Israel through a series of cutting-edge initiatives, educational seminars, leadership training, and strategic partnerships. The Act-IL LA Media Room strives to build a network of off- and online communities who are committed to battling the growing trend of the boycott movement (BDS) and new anti-Semitism conducted through the delegitimization of the State of Israel. In addition to this important work, the program is committed to creating and promoting positive content about Israel, to educate the local and global audience on the values and contributions of the State of Israel. 


Want to be more active for Israel in your comminuty?

The Act-IL Los Angeles Media Room allows members of the community to stay up to date on pro/anti-Israel and anti-Semitic happenings in the community. No matter your, availibility, skills, or knowlege, we will find the right way for you to be involved in activism for Israel. We are proud to engage activists of all ages starting as young as sixteen.   Coming together as a community to promote a positive public opinion of Israel and working together to address any hate directed towards us will ensure a safe, inclusive, and well-represented Jewish and Israeli-American community in Los Angeles.


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Learn about our workshops and sessions for schools and youth groups:

The Act-IL program educates the community on how to be better advocates for Israel in today's changing world. We offer an interactive workshop giving a hands-on experience that provides technical tools for Online Activism and public diplomacy. Our sessions include examples, methods, and tools that shed light on how easy it is to be an activist for Israel. Our educational program allows students to act, work, and research--teaching them to be activists and lead their community to be activists both online and offline. We will work with you to choose the right topics and amount of sessions that fit your audience. 

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