About The NY Media Room

The NY Media Room, a joint venture of the Israeli-American Council (IAC) and Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel (IDC), aims to empower the local community to act for Israel on social media.

Watch our introductory video - Act.IL in 3 Minutes

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Launching in Spring semester 2018, the NY Media Room will meet once a week where a team of approximately 20 student ambassadors and 6 mentors will work in three teams:

1. Content Creation

Producing videos, infographics, blogs, polls, petitions to be shared across various social media channels
Skills to gain =  #campaigns #graphic_design #digital_suite #professional_portfolio

2. Online Activism through Act.IL app

Creating and uploading weekly missions to the Act.IL app, and building our local social media pages
Skills to gain = #communications #advocacy #social_media #politics

3. Professional Training

Advising our community on how to be better advocates for Israel with our 'Situation Room' simulator and planning pop-up events to raise awareness of our program
Skills to gain = #non_profit #events #marketing #diplomacy #NGO


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Contact Details

Ellie Sanders, NY Media Room Manager