Miri Ketayi

Regional Director, South Florida

Miri Ketayi was born in Russia and raised in Israel before relocating to California in 2004. Leveraging her multicultural upbringing and extensive experience, Miri has been instrumental in fostering community engagement and collaboration among various global, national, and local organizations and governmental bodies, resulting in numerous innovative and successful initiatives.

Before joining the IAC, Miri held various managerial positions within the Jewish Federations in Los Angeles and San Diego, where she played a significant role in community building and establishing dynamic, lasting connections between local communities and the State of Israel through innovative and engaging programs. 

Before assuming her role at the Jewish Federation, Miri served as the Director of Education at Temple Sinai and a principal at the Jewish Community School of the Desert in Palm Desert, CA.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Miri is deeply involved in civic engagement. She serves on the International Affairs Board for the City of San Diego, advising the mayor on strategies to enhance the city's global presence and bring international initiatives to San Diego. Additionally, Miri sits on the Board of Directors at the San Diego Diplomacy Council.

Miri holds a Master's degree in Education from the American Jewish University, a Master's in Public Administration from California State University, Northridge, and a certificate in Project Management from UC San Diego Extension.