IAC ACT: Taking Action for Israel and Countering BDS

IAC ACTIVISM Provides the tools and training to help support Israeli-Americans to become effective advocates for Israel in their communities, workplaces, on social media and on campuses.


Informative and inspirational events featuring world renowned and local experts in a variety of fields relating to Israel, including culture, environment, health, education, cybersecurity, and more!


An initiative of IAC New England, IDC Herzliya's Public Diplomacy Center, and Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), the Media Room brings together Israeli-Americans, Jewish Americans and Israelis to form a cutting-edge pro-Israel community that utilizes social media platforms and online technologies to positively influence international public opinion towards the State of Israel. 

Support for the Boston Media Room is provided by the Ruderman Family Foundation.   


Trains Israeli-American community members to become effective advocates for Israel. This 6-week course trains participants to respond to tough questions, reconcile gaps in opinions and views, focus on facts vs. myths and to showcase Israel’s beauty and world contribution. These new activists then train high school and college students as well as other adults to advocate on behalf of Israel. 


A casual parlor meeting workshop that introduces a new and refreshing approach to "hasbara" and tips for having an effective conversation about Israel. Parlor meetings are led by IAC "Kol Israel" volunteers who are trained to share methods on how to respond to tough questions about Israel. The meetings, which are hosted in the homes of community members, are held in a friendly, casual, and non-political atmosphere. Workshops are provided in both Hebrew & English.


An IAC Boston initiative led by IAC GVANIM alumni and volunteers that promotes Israel’s culture of creativity and the positive contributions of Israel to the world. The initiative fosters collaboration among university faculty members in the Greater Boston area.


A collaboration between IAC Boston, the Synagogue Council of Massachusetts, and the Consulate General of Israel to New England serve to connect Synagogue leaders who serve on Israel related committees with each other, and with key organizations and resources in the community.

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