Since its inception, the Israeli-American Council (IAC) has maintained a steadfast policy of trust, respect, and support for Israel and its people. We have stood with Israel through its many triumphs and challenges and will continue to support our Israeli brothers and sisters in the future.

The IAC community is diverse and inclusive, encompassing a broad range of Zionist political views and affiliations, yet we work together as one towards our shared cherished mission.  In our day-to-day operations, we refrain from political debates and avoid taking sides in Israeli political or policy deliberations. Our unwavering affection for Israel transcends the policies of any particular government in power. We believe in Israel's democracy and trust its people to resolve challenges and disputes through their given right for spirited free expression and dialogue.

As proud Americans, we hold dear to the unbreakable bond between the US and Israel, based on our shared values, that should forever remain firm beyond politics and periodic disputes. 

Our love and support for Israel are unconditional, and we strongly encourage Jewish unity across political and ideological divides, both in Israel and in the Diaspora. These foundational values will guide us as one organization.