Mishelanu is Making History

About the competition

This year, Israel celebrates 70 years of independence. As part of our celebrations on campus and in honor of Israel, IAC Mishelanu groups are being called to restore some of Israel’s main events with as many students on campus and revive the Ruach and the atmosphere.

By doing these scenes and pictures we are allowing a conversation about Israel that relates to its history, successes, special and meaningful moments along the years.

How to participate

Each Mishelanu group needs to choose between 1-5 pictures representing events that capture the spirit of Israel’s 70th birthday and recreate them with your fellow students on campus.


You and your friends will re-create history, and all our groups together create an IMPACT nationwide.

The three winning pictures will be announced by our distinguished trio of judges from our community. 

Rules & criteria

  • Your photos can incorporate as many students as you wish and as much creativity as possible, and should reflect the Ruach and the atmosphere in the original photo
  • All pictures should be upload to all social media channels (FB/Instagram) with the hashtag: #MishelanuMakingHistory
  • The more likes and shares that your photo gets – your chances of winning increase!
  • Pictures must be sent to [email protected] as soon as you can, and no later than April 18, 2018 at 11:30PM (EST)!  
  • We will upload the pictures to the national Mishelanu social media channels and thus increase your exposure and chances to win.
  • All photos will be presented in the 2018 IAC National Conference and will be seen by more than 3000 participants.
  • The three winning photos will be announced on Thursday, April 20.  
  • The three photos that will win the 1st place prize will win its Mishelanu group $ 200 for a fun end-of-the-year activity.
  • Mishelanu Fellows of the winning teams will get free registration to the 2018 IAC Mishelanu Conference.


Files Available to Download: 
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