The IAC National Conference 2016 focused on three pillars: the Next Generation, the State of Israel, and the Jewish People.

Together, we examined the current state of these three pillars of Jewish peoplehood and seek to understand the growing gap between them. In particular, we explored how Israeli-Americans, which constitute 10% of the Jewish American community, can serve as a living bridge over the growing chasm. Our wide-ranging discussion explored all aspects of the Israeli-American hybrid identity – and how it creates unique opportunities to strengthen the Jewish American community and the State of Israel.

Israeli and American experts, community leaders, elected officials, and influencers discussed four core subjects and the interconnection between them:

  • Building Israeli-American community as a vibrant part of Jewish America
  • Israel and the Middle East
  • Developing the Israeli-American hybrid identity, particularly in the next generations
  • Cultivating community building and activism in the broader Jewish community

2016 Conference Program (pdf)